OMT Pocket Patties

OMT POCKET PATTIES™ [0.35mm tissue compatible rayon material] offer exceptional pliability, and a unique pocket design not found in existing neurosurgical, absorbent materials. The tapered shape conforms easily to the surgical site while contouring to most tapered-style brain spatulas. This unique design allows for protected, gentle tissue retraction near critical structures.
OMT Pocket Patties come in 5 different sizes; in a thin rayon material [0.35mm] that is extremely pliable and absorbent. They feature a pocket for the placement of suctions, spatulas, retractor blades or forceps for tissue protection and gentle retraction. The tapered shape conforms easily to surgical site and radio opaque marker make them X-ray detectable. Lastly, they have a non-memory string for easy identification and count in the OR room.
Unit Price: USD $175.00 ~ $175.00
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Check, L/C
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Pack
Supply Capacity: 1 Pack / Day
Lead Time: 1 Day
Packaging Details: OMT Pocket Patties come in 5 different sizes; each box contains 10 pouches; each pouch contains 10 pocket patties. The product has a shelf life of 5 years.
Sample Available: No
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