OMT Spetzler Neuro Patties™

OMT SPETZLER NEURO PATTIES™ are absorbent surgical sponges indicated for control of hemorrhages and/or protection of weaves and delicate structures during the surgery, as well as for absorption and drying of corporal liquids that limit the vision of the surgical field during surgical procedures. Federal Law [USA] restricts the sale of this device by or on the order of a physician.
OMT Spetzler Neuro Patties are surgical sponges made from non stick single layer of Rayon material that never lints or shreds; they have X-ray detectable horizontal or vertical radiopaque stripping; they have a non memory string for easy identification/count. Because it is extremely pliable it conforms to anatomical site and is easy to suction/aspirate through. Our Neuro Patties have an absorption rate of 4-7 times their weight [depending on thickness]. They provide optimal visualization under the microscope and come in 35 different shapes and 3 different thicknesses [0.35mm; 0.45mm and 1.40mm]. Most importantly, they have a shelf life of 5 years.
Unit Price: USD $175.00 ~ $87.50
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Check, L/C
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Pack
Lead Time: 1 Day
Packaging Details: OMT Spetzler Neuro Patties come in boxes of 20 pouches; each pouch contains 10 Neuro Patties except for references K-9070, K-9130, K-9132 and L-9028. These contain 10 pouches each because of their size and thickness. The T-Series contain 8 pouches with 10 Neuro Patties each.
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