D-Check Developments, Inc.
Dream Machine - Aircraft Wash Cart

The Dream Machine is an aircraft wash cart designed by Mr. Jeffrey C. Barkes. There is a 4-man and a 2-man wash cart.
The Dream Machine reduces Operator time by over 50% and chemical cleaner usage by over 70%.

Each operator has independent control of mixing chemical ratios, pressures and use of supply hose and nozzles. Operators can work independently around the aircraft with 150 feet of hose. Average field reports indicate a wash crew on a narrow body aircraft will take 6-8 hours without this wash cart and 2-3 hours with the D-Check wash cart.

The cleaning solution mixing ratio can be adjusted from 1:1 down to 75:1. Average field reports indicate that a narrow body aircraft using standard pressure washing systems consumed 60-80 gallons of chemicals for a C check wash versus 18-25 gallons using the D-Check wash cart.
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