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Omni Arm

The Omni Arm is an innovative piece of ground support equipment used to remove and install landing gears.
The Omni Arm was invented by Mr. Jeffrey C. Barkes in 1990. It is a hydraulic and mechanical device that can be operated by one person. The operator can position a gear to within thousandths of an inch, in mulitiple directions simultaneously which reduces manpower and turn time.


- Adaptable to limited or cluttered work areas (Legs can be made to swivel as needed and casters are available to meet surface conditions)

- Easily maneuverable

- Eliminates cables, davits, dollies, hoists, jacks, forklifts, etc.

- Minimum set up time

- Rugged design

- Reliable

- Low maintenance

- Long service life

- Powder coat paint and electroless nickel finish

- Easy breakdown into three components for AOG situations

- Safety has been engineered into the Omni Arm to reduce hazard for personnel and damage to equipment

- The Omni Arm has a 20 year track record of success
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Jeff Barkes
President / CEO
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