SM-50 (Soy Molasses)

SM-50 is a carbohydrate based molasses from soybeans. Excellent binding capabilities in *Pelletizing, compaction, briquetting and dust suppression applications. *Cement Admixture curing retardant *Equipment lubrication capabilities. Less friction on your equipment, unlike lignins *Reduces cleanup time by water solubility and not harmful to environment. Availble in totes, truck and rail
SM-50 Specification Information ________________________________________
Product Description

A viscous carbohydrate source obtained during the refinement of a protein concentrate.

Typical Composition

Moisture (%) 47
Protein (%) 7.0
Fat (%) 3.7
Fiber (%) 0.3
Ash (%) 3.7
Carbohydrates (%) 38.3
Sugars (%) 21.4
pH 5.7
Specific Gravity 1.2
Water activity 0.9

Product Uses

• SM-50 is used as a agglomeration agent for applications such as briquetting, pelleting and compaction.
• Cement Admixture curing retardant
• Tacking agent, water soluble
• SM-50 does hold qualities and values for adhesions uses.
• Easy clean-up with water
• Excellent lubricating qualities reducing friction points

Product Availability and Packaging
Product is available in totes, drums, truck and rail.
Min. Order Quantity: 24 Tons
Packaging Details: Bulk liquids throughout the world
Sample Available: Yes
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