Submersible Sump Pump

The submersible sump pump is ideal for pumping everything from contaminated, dirty water, corrosive liquids to light dewatering. Used in Metal Plating, Salt Mining, Plumbing, Marine, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Chemical, Rental, Utilities and Fire Departments. The GF32-9 and IGF32-9 come equipped with a fully automatic on/off level switch standard. The pump is easily installed in a sump.
* Virtually unbreakable
* Compact and lightweight. Only 13.5 Lbs.
* Never rusts. Excellent resistance against acids, alkalis.
* Two discharge ports. 1 1/4" inside threaded connection and one 1 1/2" tapered hose connection delivered with each pump.
* Thermal breaker incorporated in motor windings shuts off power before over-heating occurs due to locked rotor or long periods of running dry (130°C). For permanent installation temperature should not to exceed 135°F. For intermittent use submerge less than 20 min. in 195°F maximum.
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