Sludge Bags

Sludge bags, also called bulk storage bags can be used to transport hazardous waste, collect construction site debris, package food grade products and store pharmaceutical materials. Standard UN Rated D.O.T approved 6.5 ounce woven polypropylene bags come with a 3 mil plastic liner, 4 lift loops, a duffel top, a closed bottom and have a working capacity of 2200 lbs or 32 cubic feet.
Sludge Bag Part #: UNUN01
Size - 35” x 35” x 35”
6.5 oz woven polypropylene
UV-Treated; Laminated
Open duffle top; Closed bottom
Four 10” lift loops
3 mil polyethylene liner inserted into each bag
D.O.T. approved for hazardous waste in packing groups II & III
Working capacity 2,200 lbs (32 cubic feet)
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