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Innovative Dragline Rigging and Dragline Chain

The world leader in dragline chain -- Columbia Steel -- has many innovative dragline rigging products too; including complete dragline rigging packages utilizing Columbia Steel's new, long-lasting Armor Block dump block.
Columbia Steel can manufacture virtually any bucket or rigging part. Our principal product categories for large draglines include:

XtraLife® Hoist and Drag Chain

Our cast chain has become the standard of the industry, far outlasting other cast chain with excellent reliability. When our Xtend Process® high carbide overlays are applied to high-abrasion areas, life is extended even further. New TwistLink dragline chain is as strong as our XtraLife chain, but weighs up to 18% less.

Dragline Teeth and Adapters

We offer a full range of sizes and styles of large dragline teeth and adapters in many sizes. They are also available with Xtend Process urface wear armor. Our new EZ Drive® Tooth and Adapter system uses a unique positive-lock top-drive pin, allowing safe and rapid tooth replacement.

Rope Sockets and Wedges

Our patented Easy Out Rope Socket and Wedge system allows wedges to be removed quickly and safely. Only one man and a torch are required. Also, check out our new Center Line Socket and Wedge that is removed with a small, portable hydraulic ram.

Links, Clevises and Equalizer Bars

Columbia Steel manufactures complete rigging packages customized to your bucket and mining conditions. We can offer all the linking components used in large draglines, and have patterns or inventory for the most common items. Many other dragline rigging parts are available, including the new, long-lasting Armor Block dump block.

Bucket Wear Plates and Structural Components

In addition to Wear Plates and replaceable guards such as Wing Shrouds, Columbia has produced entire bucket front end rings. We welcome your inquiries about bucket components, repair items, or bucket front end rings.

Look for many new and innovative dragline wear parts soon.
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