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Vinyl, Aluminum, Impact or Non-Impact. When you begin your search for new or replacement windows, the options seem unlimited. Hassell Free is here to guide you in your purchasing decision. We have a strong relationship with major window manufacturers, providing you with more product options and pricing points.
Hassell Free Exports, Inc. has been a proud distributor of PGT Custom Windows + Doors for over a decade. Because of that long standing relationship we provide the full line of PGT products to meet your design ideas. PGT is one of the largest and most reliable window and door manufacturers in the United States.
PGT products are used widely in the Caribbean. They not only have a wide variety of styles and designs, but also offer different types of glass depending upon your needs. PGT products can be manufactured with basic glass, energy efficient glass and, most importantly, impact resistant glass. The impact resistant products are most sought after in the Caribbean. Once you select your glass type, you can then select one of the many tinting options that PGT provides. Regardless of the type of glass you choose, it can be tinted to meet your needs. The tinting ranges from an azure blue to a deep grey. PGT also offers various textures to the glass that will provide an obscured view from the outside to give you privacy, but still allow the light to shine into your home. PGT offers various styles of windows including casement, single or double hung, horizontal sliders, picture and custom windows.
Hassell Free Exports, Inc. is also pleased to be a distributor for Euro-Wall. Euro-Wall offers a unique type of exterior window/door design that can bring the outdoors indoors to create a wonderful sense of openness in your home or commercial project. These products also meet the Miami-Dade building codes. Euro-Wall comes in varying styles, including folding, stacking or sliding designs. They are excellent for opening up your home to a pool area, patio, a beautiful vista or for dividing off areas around your home. Euro-Wall can also be used in commercial settings, such as hotels and restaurants.
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