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Providing a mobile platform for the Law Enforcement Officer or Corporate Security Investigator. This system is based on the Fly Away system strategy for deploying equipment rapidly around the world. While designing this system with superior design engineering we recognized that functionality and price are key concepts.
The Electronic Discovery Analysis System (EDAS) is hands down the absolute best value in the forensic market. The EDAS FOX II system was designed to bring the power of a full EDAS FOX forensic platform to a mobile deployable design. The EDAS FOX II system also comes with a Pelican 1660 Watertight Hard Case with Cubed Foam Interior & Wheels The system is designed to be user friendly so that anyone can learn the system with a minimal amount of training. Once you have installed your favorite Digital Forensic Software the EDAS "FOX II" is ready to go.

EDAS FOX II comes with an external Analysis station so that evidence can be gathered and processed quickly and efficiently. The EDAS FOX II system supports IDE, SATA and Notebook drives and with our exclusive HTCI SIM Analysis toolkit so you are ready to process SIM cards. The system is designed to be used in the field or office with the hardened Storage Case. If your department is considering doing digital forensics and you need a lot of processing power in a tight budget the EDAS FOX II system is the product for you.

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