Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.
Shredder Wear Parts for Metal Scrap Shredders

Columbia Steel is your complete resource for standard and custom wear parts and components. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer, able to engineer, cast, heat treat, machine and assemble the wide variety of wear resistant parts you need. Look to us for your shredder replacement parts to help improve your operation's reliability, production and profitability.
Serving shredding operations with quality, long life, high production shredder parts

From the smallest rotor caps to the largest full assemblies, Columbia Steel is a proven supplier to leading recyclers, and our engineering staff works closely with their maintenance supervisors to improve production and wear part life. We are an innovator in the design of metal recycling wear parts. Our extensive experience in this field benefits our customers in many ways, including less localized wear, reliable kick-out doors to minimize damage from tramp, more effective sizing and overall lower cost per ton of metal processed.

Proven quality, made in the U.S.A.

Our wear parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction. Let us help you get the most from the following products:

Grates -- Open and Closed Grates are available for your production and density requirements in tough manganese steel alloy.

Roof Covers -- Columbia Steel Roof Covers are designed to aid material flow, minimizing wear to the Outer Top Breaker Bar.

Kick Out Doors -- Columbia Steel Kick Out Doors feature a reinforced shaft design which assures that they will continue to open even after hundreds of hours of use.

Feed Rolls and Feeder Flights -- We produce both types of these highly stressed feeder components. Our cast feed rolls are becoming the standard of the industry by offering the solution to what can be a costly problem.

Side Liners -- Our Side Liners are offered in both OEM and custom designs for all bolt styles: left hand, right hand and symmetrical.

Rotor Caps -- Available for both single and double pin hole units, Columbia Steel Caps deliver optimum fit, wear and reliability.

Breaker Bars -- Columbia Steel manganese steel Intake Breaker Bars are slotted to minimize cold flow, and give much longer life than hardened steel bars. We offer special Outer Top Breaker Bars designed to work with our Roof Covers to greatly reduce wear.

Rotor Assemblies – Columbia Steel is capable of making rotor assemblies and bearing housings for all shredders. Dedication to detail results in the highest quality parts being assembled into a well-balanced, long-lasting rotors.

Shredder Hammers -- From standard to custom designs, Columbia Steel produces high quality manganese and alloy hammers to meet your shredding requirements.

Front Wall Conversion – Columbia Steel's Front Wall Conversion replaces bolt-in liner plates with longer lasting drop in castings for better shredder performance and less maintenance.
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