Horner APG
XL6 5.7" Touch Screen All-in-One Controller

The XL Series of OCS controllers includes the new XL6 color touch screen controller. XL6 offers XL Series users a larger display, color, a faster scan rate and a wider operating temperature. And the XL6 is Horner’s most competitive 5.7” color touch screen OCS yet.
Removable, Color-coded Terminals for Easy Wiring in the Field
Total Keys-6
Function Keys-5
Numeric Keys-Pop-up Keypad
OEM Faceplate Is Available
Ladder Logic Memory-256KB
Logic Scan Rate-0.2mS/K
Up to 2GB MicroSD Memory
Local Comment Storage
Floating Point Support
AutoTune PID Capable
Total Active Ports-2 plus USB
RS-232 and RS-485 Ports
Integrated CsCAN Network
Maximum CsCAN Distance-6000 feet/2km
Programming over Network
Peer-to-Peer Messaging
Environmental: -10 to 60C
5.65" H x 7.33" W x 3.46" D
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