Rehrig Pacific Company
Rackable Standard Plastic Pallets

Rehrig's rackable plastic pallets offer distinct safety, ease-of handling, durability and sanitation advantages over wood or metal pallets. A plastic pallet will not rot or rust and will not damage your products during storage or shipment with loose fasteners, splinters or broken boards. Recent innovations have even allowed flame retardant resins to be used in the production of plastic pallets.
Rackable Standard Pallets come in a range of sizes:
36" x 48"
37" x 37"
37" x 43"
40" x 48"
95cm x 105cm
110cm x 120cm
110cm x 124cm
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Check, L/C
Min. Order Quantity: 50 Pieces
Lead Time: 1 Month
Packaging Details: 144 units per 20ft ocean container 340 units per 40ft ocean container 540 units per 53ft trailer
Sample Available: No
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William Bloch
Manager Global Logistics
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