SI C Autoparts, LLC
SI C Autoparts, LLC

458 NW Lake Witney Place

St. Lucie West, FL 34986

United States

TEL: (772) 828-2370
FAX: (320) 341-9080
SIC Autoparts is a wholesaler and distributor for european car parts. SIC carries genuine OEM and aftermarket parts. We are a distributor for Geba Water Pump, made in Germany.

Our parts program includes Bosch, Water Pump, VDO Siemens, Air Mass Fow Sensor Meter MAF, Cam Camshaft Crank Crankshaft ABS Knock Sensor, Fan Clutch, Power Window Regulator, Oil Cooler, Engine Fan Motor, Heater Fan Resistor, Fuel Pumps, Suspension Parts (Control Arms, Bushings, Tie Rods, Stabilizer Sway Bar Link), Ignition Coil, Oil Pan, Power Steering Pump, 02 Oxygen Sensor, Module, Throttle Housing, Timing Belt Chain Tensioner Roller Pulley Idler, Thermostat, Oil Pump, Air Pump Secondary, Water Temp Sensor, Window Switch, Column Combination Turn Signal Switch, Washer Pump, Expansion Tank, Oil Level Sensor, Wiper Linkage Rods, Mirror, Radiator Fan Motor.

Our prices on genuine parts are way below dealer net , on Bosch below WD. Please take a look at our showcase, we show only partial of our inventory
Dani Adrian
(772) 828-2370
Business Details


  Years Established: 1 - 5
  Annual Sales: 1 - 5 million
  No. Employees: 2 - 4
  Type of Business: Wholesaler
  Current Markets: Europe
European Union
United Kingdom
Russian Federation
United States
  Desired Markets: Entire World/All