Diana Fruit
Diana Fruit

PO BOX 268

Santa Clara, CA 95052

United States

TEL: (408) 727-9631 x114
FAX: (408) 727-9890
For over 85 years, Diana Fruit has dedicated itself to the production and supplying of high quality Maraschino Cherries. Hundreds of domestic and international customers have come to rely on the quality of Diana's Maraschino Cherries. Cherished relationships with customers and cherry growers span generations. Our family business was one of the first Maraschino Cherries manufacturers in the U.S. and is considered by many to be the Best.
Thomas Klevay
VP, Sales & Mktg
(408) 727-9631
Business Details


  Years Established: 20+
  Annual Sales: 5 - 25 million
  Type of Business: Manufacturer