The Compak Companies, LLC
The Compak Companies, LLC

751 Cornwall Road

Sanford, FL 32773

United States

TEL: (321) 249-9590
FAX: (321) 249-9597
The Compak Companies LLC manufactures and distributes The Celebration Communion Cup to churches and Christian bookstores across the world. The Celebration Cup is a patented pre-packaged double sealed wafer and juice set, making celebrating Holy Communion more sanitary and convenient. With a six month shelf life and no refrigeration required we ensure that the Celebration Cup is the most convenient product possible. The Celebration Cup fits your standard communion tray and eliminates waste and time for church representatives that tend to their communion duties. The Celebration Cup is great for overseas missions and individuals. The Compak Companies LLC is now producing the Celebration Cup with wine. Wine is sold in large quantities to Christian bookstores and churches as well. The Compak Companies LLC is innovating patented packaging technology to provide the world with products that can benefit everyone.
Carl Buford
VP Marketing and Sales Development
(321) 249-9590 x316
Business Details


  Years Established: 6 - 10
  Annual Sales: 5 - 25 million
  No. Employees: 10 - 24
  Type of Business: Manufacturer
  Current Markets: United Kingdom
North America
United States
  Desired Markets: Entire World/All