Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC(WWSA)
Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC(WWSA)

2921 Commerce Park Drive

Boynton Beach, FL 33426

United States

TEL: (954) 828-9650
FAX: (954) 828-9651
Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC (WWSA) was formed in 2004 to provide end users with world-class superabrasive (industrial diamond and cubic Boron Nitride) products.

WWSA achieves this goal by applying industry leading coating (Nickel, Copper, Titanium and Chromium) technologies to our superabrasive raw materials that are manufactured in our production facility in Kaifeng, China.

In 2011, WWSA will sell +125 products, weighing over 120,000,000 carats--22 tons, to over 100 customers in 16 countries. WWSA is currently the fourth largest manufacturer of superabrasive products in the US by volume.

WWSA’s business model of manufacturing high quality raw materials at very competitive costs at our Kaifeng facility and then applying our industry leading coating technologies at our Boynton Beach factory provides us with the ability to compete globally (+30% of our sales are exported to 16 countries) with DeBeers and Diamond Innovations (formerly GE) into the future.
Chris Winkel
(954) 648-3308
Business Details


  Years Established: 6 - 10
  Annual Sales: 5 - 25 million
  No. Employees: 10 - 24
  Type of Business: Manufacturer